Turn of the Century

Question Answer
Why was there a need for the cattle drive? Most of the cattle had been consumed by the civil war soldiers,so there was a high demand for beef in the East.
What was the first cattle trail? Where was it located? Chisholm trail it ran from San Antonio, Texas to Abilene,Kansas
Which cattle trail became the main road for hearing cattle to northern markets? The Great Western Cattle Trail.
Who we're the black cowboys of Texas and why we're they so important on the range? Most black cowboys were former slaves who needed to find work after the civil war.
What are the inventors for changing American at the turn of the century? Alexander gram bell- The first telephone. Thomas Edison- The light bulb. Wright brothers- The first airplane. George Washington Carver- over 300 uses for peanuts and sweet potatoes.
Which famous inventor has the biggest impact on your life? Thomas Edison because he invented the light bulb and helps us to see
Why did the US get involved with the conflict between Cuba and Spain? The US invested money in Cuban sugar and wanted to protect it
Name 3 things the US gained from the Spanish American war Guam, Puerto Rico, and Philippines
Who was the president during the building of the Panama Canal and what was it's purpose Theodore Roosevelt, the purpose of the Panama Canal was to create a passage way between the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean s without having to go all the way around the southern coast of South America.
Where was the Panama Canal located? In Panama, Central America
What are four reasons why immigrants left their homeland? diseases, wars, starvation, unemployment, search for a better life, religious prosecution, to avoid joining the military
NAME 3 places where immigrants emigrated from Germany, Russia, China, Ireland, Japan, Italy, Greece, Mexico
Name 3 places immigrants settled in the US Boston, Chicago, New York City

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