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Term Definition
Table a grid of cells arranged in rows and columns.
Row a horizontal line of entries in a table.
Column a vertical division of a page or text.
Cell the intersection between a row and a column on a spreadsheet that starts with cell A1. (Excel)
Gridlines the light gray lines that divide each of the cells, rows, and columns in a spreadsheet.
Header row the colored row of letters used to identify each column within the sheet, or workbook. The column header row is located above the row one.
Merge Cells Combining multiple cells (two or more) that are in the same row and/or in the same column to a single cell is known as merging cells. Separating the cells that are merged is known as splitting cells.
Table Formula
Table Styles
Data source
Main document
Format Letter
Merge Fields
Table of Contents
Math- level Outline
Mail Merge Mail merge is a word processing procedure which enables you to combine a document with a data file, for example a list of names and addresses, so that copies of the document are different for each person it is sent to.
Ascending order
Split Cells the opposite of the Merge Cells operation, The Split Cells feature allows you to split cells into two or more cells.

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