Spanish U2L1

Question Answer
easily facilmente (accent on the a)
happily felizmente or alegremente
seriously seriamente
sadly tristemente
calmly tranquilamente
quickly rapidamente (accent on the 1a)
slowly lentamente
lazily perezosamente
difficultly la dificultad or dificilmente (accent on the 2i)
actively activamente
to follow a balanced diet seguir una dieta balanceada
championship el campeonato
bicycle racing el ciclismo
competition la competencia
to compete competir
prize; award el premio
world cup la copa mundial
the olympic games los juegos olimpicos (accent on the 1i)
net la red
uniform el uniforme
Oh, Please! !Ay, por favor!
active activo(a)
sportsman/women el(la) deportista
slow lento(a)
its important es importante…
its necessary… es necesario…
to exercise hacer ejercicio
to be tied estar empatado
to play on a team jugar en equipo
to score a goal meter un gol
the panamerican games los juegos panamericanos
the tour de france la vuelta a francia
track la pista
bravo bravo
come on dale
ugh uy
muscular musculoso(a)
fast rapido(a) (accent on the a)
its good… es bueno
to stay in shape mantenerse en forma
healthy; healthful saludable
to meet/ to know concocer
to run correr
to understand entender(ie)
to wrap envolver (ue)
to write escribir
to lose perder
to return volver(ue)
to go out/leave salir
to share compartir
to open abrir
to erase borrar
to drink beber
to receive recibir
to sell vender
to live vivir
to prefer preferir
to climb or go up subir

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