Rec/West Reconstruction

Question Answer
Reconstruction The period of time when United States made policies to rebuild South.
Ku Klux Klan Formed in 1866 and began terrorizing African Americans and whites who supported their rights.
Civil Rights Act of 1866 The bill that gave African Americans citizenship and guaranteed them the same legal rights as white Americans.
Fourteenth Amendment Amendment that required states to grant citizenship to "all persons born or naturalized in the United States" and promised "equal protection of the laws" In effect, it wrote the Civil Rights Act of 1866 into the Constitution.
Fifteenth Amendment Amendment passed through Congress in February in 1869 protected the voting rights of African Americans males and went into effect in 1870.
Sand Creek Massacre (1864) The U.S. Army had persuaded a group of Cheyenne to stop raiding farms and return to their Colorado reservation peacefully. But then the Army troops attacked, killing about 150, people, and burned the camp. Congress condemned the actions but did not punish
Battle of the Little Bighorn (1876) To stop raids on settlers in Sioux territory, the government ordered all Sioux to leave. Instead led by Sitting Bull, thousands of Sioux, Cheyenne, and Arapaho gathered near the Little Bighorn River. There a young cavalry officer, George Armstrong Custer,
The Dawes Act (1887) Broke up some reservations and divided the land among individuals. But often the government sold the best land and gave the rest to Indians. Even when Indians received good land, many could not afford the supplies needed for farming.
Reservation An area of land set aside for occupation by North American Indians

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