POL 201 Exam Questions & Answers for POL 201 Gary Fetzer

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What are the 3 most importants documents that helped from this country (the US)? 1) The Declaration of Independence 17762) The Articles of Confederation3) The Constitution
What are the 3 levels of government? 1) National2) State3) Local
What is Federalism? Separation of power between the three levels of government
What are the 5 elements in the constitution? 1) Federalism2) Separation of power between three branches (legislative, executive, and judicial)3) Bicameralism4) Checks and balances- each branch has oversight over the other two5)Guarantees liberties and due processes
what is Eminent Domain? The government can take private property for pubic use
Who approves Supreme Court justices? The Senate
What are the Bill of Rights? The First Ten Amendments of the Constitution
What are the 4 requirements to become President? 1) 14 year resident2) 35 years or older3) Natural born citizen4) Not have served 2 terms
Who is the President of the Senate? The Vice President
Who has the power to declare war? The Congress
Who has the power to Impech the President? The house of representatives (Majority)
What is Impeachment? Charging a legislator with a crime
How many presidents have been impeached? Who? Two- Bill Clinton & Andrew Johnson
Who has the power to convict the president in the impeachment process? The Senate
What is the order of succession if there is vacancy in the office of the president? (Next 4) 1)Vice President2)Speaker of the house3)Senate Pre ProTem4)Secretary of State
How is the Constitution Amended? 2 ways-1)Propose (7years)- 2/3 Congress & 2/3 Constitutional Convention 2)Ratify- 3/4 State Legislators & 3/4 State Constitutional Convention
What is the ERA? The Equal Rights Amendment
What does the ERA do? Allows Woman to vote
What is the Washington DC Voting Rights Amendment? Granted the citizens of Washington DC the same full representatives in Congress as any other state
Why isn't Washington DC a state? Politics- Republicans don't want another democratic state
Why isn't Puerto Rico a state? They don't want to be
Why don't we recognize Cuba? Presidential Politics
Why don't the Democratic's & Republicans want to do anything about Immigration? Democratic's- don't want to lose votesRepublicans- Cheap labor
What were the three main reasons of the Civil War? 1)Slavery -> expansion2)Taxes3)State Rights
Why did America fight in the Vietnam War? The domino effect caused America to fight in the Vietnam War.
Who can propose or introduce a bill? Any legislator or senate/representative
What is the name of the head of the House of Representatives? Speaker of the house
According to the constitution who is the head of the senate? The Vice President
What is the Presidents roll? To break ties
Who runs the Senate? The Senate President Pro Tem
Where do bills go after they are introduced? Sub-Committee or a Committee
Where do bills go after they've been approved? Members of the house or Senate
Where do bills go after they've been approved by the House or Senate? Conference Committee
What can a President do to a bill? 1)Sign -> Becomes a law2)Veto -> goes back to congress3)Pocket Veto -> if legislators are adjourned in 10 days the bill dies… if they are in session the bill gets passed
What is Gerrymandering? Redrawing borders for political advantages
What is Lobbying? Trying to pass an issue with a legislator
What is a PAC? Political Actions Committee that raises funds for candidates
What is a push poll? Pretending that it is a real poll to convinces voters
How many electoral college votes does a state get? If you win a popular vote, you get all the electoral votes for that state
Last 2 presidential election who lost the popular vote but won the electoral college vote? Bush & Gore (2000) Trump & Clinton (2017)
What color are democratic & republican states? Democratic states are blueRepublican states are red
How do we determine how many electoral votes a state gets? 1) Population2) Members of the congress3) Members of house & Senate
How many electoral votes does RI have? 4
What is a battle ground state? (swing state) A state thats election could go either way, democratic or republican. These states are typically purple.
What is a caucus? A meeting of the party
What is a primary? The actual voting of a party
What is the first caucus state? Iowa
What is the first primary state? New Hampshire
A presidential veto can be overturned by what? 2/3 of the house and senate
Who can approve a treaty? 2/3 senate
What 3 things happened to make the government stronger in the 20th century? 1) The Depression2) WWII3) Income Tax
What 2 things happened to make the government stronger in the 21st century? 1) 9-112) Bailouts
What is the difference between Democratic states and republican states? What is the US? Democratic- everyone votesRepublican- one representative The US is Republican
What is the congress? The house & Senate
What were the formers of the Constitution she concerned about? They didn't want the president to have too much power
What did the conflict in Vietnam demonstrate? That students can have an effect in the political process

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