Mesopotamia Vocab

Term Definition
civilization groups of people who have a complex and organized society within a culture
divine kingship belief that kings were chosen by the gods
division of labor each worker specializes in a particular task/job
architecture science of building
social hierarchy division of society by rank or class; who had the most power to the least power
polytheism worshiping or belief in many gods
silt mix of fertile soil and tiny rocks that make land ideal for farming
epics long poems that tell the stories of heroes
scribe a writer
Fertile Crescent area of rich farmland in present day Middle East; where the first civilizations began
Hammurabi’s Code set of 282 laws that governed daily life; earliest known set of written laws
pictographs a picture symbol
city-state a city that has its own form of government and traditions
cuneiform system of writing developed in Mesopotamia that used wedge shaped symbols
empire a large territory consisting of many different places under the control of a single ruler
irrigation Watering of land by means of streams, canals or pipes to produce more crops
monarchy System of government that has king or queen as the supreme leader of a country
surplus To have an extra supply; to produce or have more than is needed
ziggurat A huge, pyramid shaped structure consisting of a series of stacked, rectangular platforms
monothiesm worshiping or belief in only one god

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