Medical Terminology

Question Answer
Gastr- Stomach
Cardi- Heart
Megal- Enlarged
-itis Inflammation
Dermat- Skin
Plast- Surgical repair
Cerebr- Brain
Path- Disease
-ectomy Surgical removal
Enter- Intestines(usually small)
-Osis Any condition
-otomy Cut into
Aden- Gland
Angi- Vessel
-oma Tumor
Nephr- Kidney
Hepat- Liver
Arthr- Joint
Blephar- Eyelid
-ologist Specialist
Rhin- Nose
Gingiv- Gum
-malacia Soft
-ology The study of
Spasm Involuntary contraction
-algia Pain
Crani- Skull
End- Inside, within
Hemi- Half
-oid Like
Hyper- Above, more than normal
Cyst- Sac containing fluid
Chole- Bile
Hypo- Under
-scope- Observe
Hyster- Uterus
-ostomy Create an opening
Para- Beside, beyond
-lysis Loosening, destruction
Cervic- Neck
Chondr- Cartilage
Cyan- Blue
Hem(at)- Blood
Ost- Bone
Pyscho- Mind
Lip- Fat
My- Muscle
Lith- Stone
Opthalm-Opt- Eye
Proct- Anus
Glosso- Tongue
-trophy Development
Supra- Above
-ptosis Falling
-dyn- Pain
Mast- Breast
-rrhaphy Suture
Dent- Teeth
Cephal- Head
Auto- Self
Epi- Upon
Hydro- Water
Cost- Rib
-gram Record
Acro- Extremities
Rhexis Break, burst
Carcin- Cancer
-penia Decrease
Gen- Original production
Burso- Sac
Retr(o)- Backwards
Trip- Rub, friction
Strept- Twist
-desis Binding
Mani- Madness
Lobo- Section
-emesis Vomiting
Contra- Against,counter
-iasis Condition
Trans- Through, across
Brady- Slow
-ectasis Expansion
Cyt- Cell
Odont- Tooth
Leuk- White
-esthesia Sensation
Cantho- Angle at the end of the eyelid
Steno- Narrow, contracted
Cheil- Lip
-cele Hernia
Benign Mild, not cancerous
Semen Seed
Celio- Abdomen
Erythro- Red
Vaso- Vessel
Melan- Black
Cauda- Tail
Lingua- Tongue
Myring- Ear drum
Spondyl- Spinal column
Ovar- Egg
-centesis Puncture
Oto-"O Toe" Ear
Bili- Bile
Squam- Scale
Mening- Membrane
Cec- Blind passage
Macul- Spot
-pexy Suspension
Onco- Tumor
Or- Mouth
Sub- Under
Spiro- Coil
Lacrim- Tear
Viscero Organ
Lact- Milk
Onych- Nail, claw
Thorac- Chest
Pyle-, pyloro- Gate
Vesic- Bladder
Sphenic- Wedge
Myel- Marrow, spinal cord
Anti- Against
Myco- Fungus
Hallux- Great toe (big toe)
Physio- Nature
Bucc(o)- Cheek
Palpebr- Eyelid
-plasia Development
Rug- Wrinkle,fold, crease
Aur- Ear
Acoust(i)- Hearing
Colp(o)- Hollow, vagina
Phon- Voice, sound
Leio- Smooth
Cor- Heart
Ren- Kidney
Orchi- Testis
Encephal-sieve fall Brain
Thalam- Inner chamber
Plexus Braid
Cilia Eyelash
Dendr- Tree, branching
Phelb- Vein
Pilo- Hair
Histo- Tissue
Stoma-(Stone) Mouth
Tympan- Eardrum
Umbilic- Navel
Salpingo- Tube
Helio- Sun
Astr- Star shaped
-asthenia Weakness
Fascia-Face see the face with a sheet over it and the band playing on it Sheet, band
Iso- I sew with a quail Equal
Tarso-tar- see the tar with a triangle stuck into it Ankle
-topeTopSee the top spinning with a place mat on it Place
Pod- Foot
Malign- Bad
Adnexa- see the annex tied or connected to the main building with a rope Ties, connection
Ocul- Eye
Lapar- Abdominal wall
dacry- Tear
Ment- Mind
Part- Labor, bring forth
Scler(a)- Hard
somato- Body
Trachel- Neck
Sinus Hollow space
Hypno- Sleep
Sept- Wall, fence
Scirr(h)- Hard
Antr- Cavity
-crine To secrete
Dura Hard
Pneum- Lung
Phage To eat
Phren- Mind
Corne- Horny
Plak- Plate
Iris Rainbow
Kerat- Horny
Pulmo- Lung
Ptyal- Saliva
Alveol- Cavity
Oophor- Ovary
Oment- Covering
Sedat- Quiet,calm
Furca- Fork-shaped
Radic- Root
Fistul- Pipe
Edema- Swelling
Dactyl- Finger, toe
Metabol(e) Change
Pariet- Wall
Ependym- Wrapping
Gravid Pregnant
Aer- Air
Glyco- Sweet
Tarso- Framework of the eyelid
Cheir-Care(Package) Hand
Calc- Heel, stone
Cine- Move
Digit Finger, toe
Dors- Back
Gangli- Swelling
Gemin- Twin
Grad- Walk, take steps
Gran- Grain, particle
Labi- Lip
Micr- Small
Peps- Digest
Pleur- Pleura, rib, side
Mamm- Breast
Colla- Glue
Later- Side
Rachi- Spinal column
Phob- Fear
Phot- Light
Dys- Bad
Cut- Skin
En- In
Peri- About, around
Pro- In front of, before
Mechano- Machine
Dynam- Power
Osmo- Odor
Traumat- Wound
Trich- Hair
Maxill- Upper jawbone
An,a- Without, not
Phak- Lens
Pre- In front of, before
Strict- Draw tight
Turbin- Shaped like a top
Ameb- Change
Semi- Half
Neo- New
Hormone Excite
Therm- Heat
Syn-,sym- Together
Vuls- Twitch, or pull
Post After
Metr- Uterus
Tegument Covering, skin
Pan- All
Poly- Many
Ramus Branch
Neuro- Nerve

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