Key Terms 5 Chapter 12

Term Definition
call tracking software A system that tracks the dates, times, and transactions of help-desk or on-site IT support calls, including the problem presented, the issue addressed, who did what, and when and how each call was resolved.
Component Services A Microsoft Management Console snap-in that can be used to register components used by installed applications.
Default Program A program associated with a file extension that is used to open the file.
escalate Assigning a problem to someone higher in the support chain of an organization. This action is normally recorded in call tracking software.
expert system Software that uses a database of known facts and rules to simulate a human expert's reasoning and decision-making processes.
file association The association between a data file and an application to open the file that is determined by the file extension.
Memory Diagnostics A Windows utility (mdsched.exe) used to test memory.
Regsvr32 A utility that is used to register component services used by an installed application.
Safe Mode The technique of launching Windows with a minimum configuration, eliminating third-party software, and reducing Windows startup to only essential processes. The technique can sometimes launch Windows when a normal Windows startup is corrupted.
secondary logon Using administrator privileges to perform an operation when you are not logged on with an account that has these privileges.
System File Checker (SFC) A Windows utility that verifies and, if necessary, refreshes a Windows system file, replacing it with one kept in a cache of current system files.
Taskkill A Windows command that uses the process PID to kill a process.
tasklist A Windows command that returns the process identifier (PID), which is a number that identifies each running process.
technical documentation The technical reference manuals, included with software packages and hardware, that provide directions for installation, usage, and troubleshooting. The information extends beyond that is given in user manuals.
Ticket An entry in a call-tracking system made by whoever receives a call for help and used to track and document actions taken. The ticket stays open until the issue is resolved.

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