Japanese History

Question Answer
Isolationism Because of islands and seas, Japan was separate (isolated) from many cultures. Later, they chose not to trade or interact with foreigners. This is isolationism
Feudalism A system where peasants are tied to landowners. Samurai and Shogun protect the landowners and peasants work in exchange for food and a place to live
Shoguns Military leaders of Japan, held all real political power, many SHOGUNS ruled Japan. Until the Meiji restoration, Shoguns had all power, not emperors
Samurai Fierce fighting group that protected landowners. Honor was very important and their rules to follow were outlined in the Bushido Code
Daimyo Wealthy landowners—their greed (wanting more territory) caused a system of feudalism to turn into chaos
Meiji Resotration Given by Emperor Meiji in 1868, this restored all power in Japan back to an Emperor. This ended feudalism and the rule of shoguns (military leaders).
Industrialization Creation of factories to produce large buildings, railroads, weapons, tools and machines. This turns Japan into a super power with advanced technology
Shinto A religion that developed in Japan that centers around nature worship and ancestor worship. All living elements have “kami” or a great spirit. Symbol is the tori gate
Imperialism The act of expanding a country’s land and taking over other areas. Japanese imperialism or expansion centered around a lack of resources. They took over the Koreas, China, and Vietnam prior to WW2
Scarcity A lack of resources. Because Japan is small and didn’t have enough resources, they took over many new areas. This led to WW2
Pearl Harbor A Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor. This was based on the US stopping trade with Japan. This attack brought the United States into WW2
Pacific Ocean The scene of many battles between the United States and Japan. Japan is made up of 1000s of islands and battles happened here. The death toll to take over tiny islands was large and this led to the atomic bombs as a quick way to end the war with Japan
Hiroshima A civilian city where the first atomic bomb was dropped. The name of the first bomb that was dropped here was “Little Boy”
Nagasaki A civilian city where the second atomic bomb was dropped. The name of the second bomb dropped here was “Fat Man.” Because of the atomic bombs, Japan immediately surrendered. The United States government installed a democracy in Japan after the war
Scarcity Japan runs out of resources, this is the reason that they start to expand their territory
Imperialism The act of invading and taking over other nations
Embargo A stopppage of trade. The US oil embargo is what pushes Japan towards the attack of Pearl Harbor
Little Boy The first atomic bomb dropped on the city of Hiroshima
Fat Man The second atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki

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