Giver Vocab ch 1-3 Giver vocab ch 1-3

Term Definition
Rasping (verb) scrape or grate with a rough tool.
Distraught (adjective)mentally confused,bewildered
Distracted (adjective) turned away the mind or attention of
Wheedle (verb) to persuade with flattery
Nurturer (noun) one who takes care of,feeds
Disposition (noun) a person's general way of acting
Transgression (noun) act or instance of breaking the law
Apprehensive (adjective) fearful about what may happen
Aptitude (noun) natural ability,talent
Chastise (verb) to punish;reprimand severely
Rarity (noun) person or thing that's uncommon
Palpable (adjective) able to be touched or felt
Petulantly (adjective) ill-humored:peevish
Bewilderment (noun) confusion or complete puzzlement
Nondescript (adjective) without interesting or striking characteristics

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