giver ch 7-9 more vocab (again for the umpteenth time)

Question Answer
what does CHAOS mean?ei: when sonic has all 7 emeralds… things surge into chaos (n) state of complete confusion and disorder
what does compel mean?ei: Shia LeBouf's compelling speech is "JUST DO IT!!!!" (v) to motivate with force.
what does infringe meanei: when Dr. Eggman creates robots, he infringes flakies (tiny animals) to pilot them. (v) to trespass on someone else's rights
what does ironic mean?ei: when Knuckles makes a pun refering to eggman's robots, like "u better BEE careful" as in a beebot… the he gets shot in the foot (adj) happening in the opposite way its supposed to come out
what does navigational mean?ei: when your flying you need a navigational device (adj) to plot a course on a vehichle
what does pervade mean?ei: when tails merged with a beebot, he made, he took control of the beebots and the hive pervaded thru out town. (v) to spread thru out
what does quizzical mean?ei: interrogation by clone troopers is a sure way of quizzical behavior (adj) relating to ?s in an uncertain way
what does relinquish mean?ei: the motives of all heroes is to never relinquish to evil. (v) to surrender
what does remorse mean?ei: when sonic turned down tails, he felt a surge of remorse (n) painful, deep feeling of wrongdoing
what does scrupulous mean?ei: Dr Eggman has a scrupulous feeling for the greater good. thats why he is a bad guy (adj) showing regard for the greater good
what does tentatively mean?ei: when Knuckles gets tricked by Eggman, the event is tentatively towards the echidna. (adj) not final
what does treacherous mean?ei: FN-2199 now knows that Finn was now a target and a treacherous enemy to the first order (adj) to have traitorus thoughts
what does humiliate mean?ei: to shadow, eggman is humiliating. like, REALLY humiliating. (v) to make one feel ashamed and look like a FOOL!!!
what does benign mean?ei: tails is very benign. i dont understand why shadow hates him. (adj) very nice. friendly
what does meticulous mean?ei: perfectionists have an obsession of making everything meticulous. (adj) showing X-TREME concern about every single flippin detail

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