Functional Areas AICP 2017

Term Definition
Environmental Indicators Initiative EPA data gathering project
Biophilic Design connecting to nature
Green infrastructure characteristics cost effective/multifunctional
Mailed surveys inexpensive/low response rate
Ambient standards air and water quality of the receiving environment
Effluent standards air and water quality of specific discharge sources
NEPA step 1 Categorical exclusion
NEPA step 2 Environmental Assessment
NEPA step 3 Environmental impact statement
"Involve" examples task force, workshop, fishbowl
Nominal Group technique Background paper circulated in 4 rounds
"Collaborate" examples Consensus Building Approach, charrette, visioning
"Consult" examples public meeting, focus group, survey
Coalition distinct groups
committee representative
ICICE Inform – -Consult – Involve – Collaborate – Empower
Mobile Homes 10% of all new homes, only 1/4 in parks

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