civ final

Term Definition
13 amendment end slavery
14 amendment
15 amendment
19 amendment the right that women can vote
22 amendment
25 amendment
amendment 1-10 bill of right bill of rights
check and balance
chief diplomat the president direct foreign policy
chief executive
chief legislator
chief of state
declaration of independence where it was written philadelphia
closed primary can only vote for one party
commander in chief
date of the declaration of independence
disqualifications for voting
elastic clause
electoral college chooses who becomes the president
executive branch powers
federal supreme court
general assembly the state congress
governor roles/powers
how a bill becomes a law
interest group
judicial branch powers
judicial review
laws for voting must be 18 or older and have a voter licaes
legislative branch powers
limited government
line of succession the line if something happens to the president
mayors and councils
new jersey plan
original jurisdiction
pa.supreme court
party symbols
political spectrum
polling place where you go to vote
population's role in congress
power of congress
power of local government
president of the senate vice president
president qualifications
presidential powers
purpose of the article of confederation
purpose of the constitution
purpose of the declaration of independence
purpose of the legislative branch
ratification of the constitution
representative democracy
rights of accused
rights of legal immigrants
separation of power
speaker of the house paul ryan
state of the union when everyone in government meets
supremacy clause
the entire preamble to the constitution
voter motor act to get more people to vote more
voting regulations
ways to lose citizenship
weaknesses of the articles of confederation
what did the articles of confederation did started a government
writer of the declaration of independence

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