1 Samuel-BB 2018 Chapter 19

Question Answer
1) Who did Saul tell to put David to Death? (19:1) Jonathan and his servants
2) Who told David that Saul was seeking to kill him? (19:2) Jonathan
3) When Jonathan told his father about the good David had done, what did Saul vow? (19:6) David would not be put to death
4) Who let David out through a window so he could escape Saul? (19:12) Michal
5) What did Michal put in David's bed to deceive Saul's men? (19:13) The household idol
6) What did Michal put at the head of the household idol to deceive Saul's men? (19:13) Quilt of goats hair
7) When David fled Saul, who did he come to? (19:18) Samuel
8) Where did David and Samuel go to stay? (19:18) Naioth
9) What happened to Saul's messengers when they saw Samuel and the company of prophets? (19:20) They also prophesied
10) How many times did Saul send messengers that ended up prophesying? (19:21) Three
11) When Saul himself went up to Naioth, what did he do there? (19:24) Stripped off his clothes and prophesied

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